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Learn how accurate treadmills are on distance, and explore how they measure different metrics to give you the most accurate reading possible.

Treadmills are a very effective tool for new runners and seasoned pros alike. They can help runners learn how to set their pace and offer a simple way for individuals to slowly and safely increase their stamina and endurance. Additionally, these machines can also offer instrumental data and measurements that...

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Fitness looks different for everyone. For some, it means slimming down to reach an ideal weight, while others prefer to bulk up and pack on some additional muscle. No matter where your fitness goals lie, it’s important to maintain a well-rounded workout routine. Flexibility plays a vital role in this,...

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Understanding how to clean your home gym equipment properly will reduce the transmission of germs and bacteria the next time you work up a sweat.

Exercising at a public gym generally means playing by their rules, whereas working out at home is often a much more relaxed experience. Though most of the rules for public gyms don’t apply at home, such as the volume of your music and the type of clothing you wear, there...

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