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Clubhouse Gym Equipment

Whether a sports team needs a place to train or a community wants to become more physically active, your clubhouse’s gym is the ideal space to work up a sweat. In a clubhouse, athletes and fitness fanatics may meet to work out, recuperate, and exercise together as they strengthen their bodies. Your clubhouse gym equipment ensures everyone who visits has a quality workout. There are numerous machines to include in your location, and you’ll find excellent exercise equipment at American Home Fitness to help you and your clubhouse members feel confident in their progress toward better health.

Our stock of treadmills includes technology that optimizes how you’ll work out. Brands like Spirit Fitness and True come with displays that track your progress and have numerous adjustable settings. For those who want the challenging workout of climbing stairs, we have Stairmasters that will change how you move and help you feel the burn throughout your legs.

Consider our selection of spin bikes for those sports training sessions that require intense cardio. We have various options that include different flywheels, from magnetic to chain, for variations in how you ride. Comfortable pedals and seating make these bikes ideal for club members who need machines that provide ease of use. We have recumbent and upright bikes to suit different riding preferences.

If members want a casual workout and prefer to avoid heavy-duty clubhouse gym equipment, we have a wide array of accessories and smaller items. Use our medicine balls for a range of exercises to improve muscular endurance. American Home Fitness sells numerous sizes to accommodate people of various strength levels. Our resistance bands are great for improving strength and anaerobic endurance. We also have weighted vests and ankle weights that complement many types of fitness studio equipment.

As a bonus, many workout machines pair well with fitness apps and digital accessories, such as smartwatches. Apps such as Zwift connect to the machine and allow patrons to share and store data. The information collected from the exercise equipment and the apps will help individuals track their progress toward their fitness goals. For certain machines with larger displays, the built-in screen may connect with streaming services, such as Netflix or Hulu, to combine work and play.

People who enjoy the company of others as they continuously train their bodies toward increased fitness will love the addition of quality workout equipment. Consider the value our machines and accessories may provide for your location. Give your members as many ways as possible to improve their health.
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