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Rehab Center Exercise Equipment

Rehabilitation centers are vital facilities that influence a person’s path to recovery and make a significant difference in their life. These centers have numerous facilities that help people find healthier habits that help in their journey toward a better life. Within these facilities, there is rehab center exercise equipment to help people get back to their baseline physical health. Filling these locations with the right equipment ensures that people suffering debilitating injuries or illnesses have better treatment plans to help them recuperate.

At American Home Fitness, we want to provide your facility with the rehab equipment you need. We have a great selection of various machines for different methods of physical therapy treatment. Accommodation is our goal with the equipment we provide, and we want to ensure all residents in rehab facilities have what they need for comfortable sessions.

Our exercise machines have numerous settings to help someone undergoing physical therapy. Treadmills and spin bikes have adjustable resistance and speed levels to help patients go at a pace that suits them. Patients who need to strengthen their legs to walk again will find that our treadmills are also suitable for slower strolls. Riding on spin bikes is a great way to build thigh muscles and improve the coordination of the legs and hips. This physical therapy equipment tracks progression with displays that show calories burned and distances traveled while using them, helping users and caretakers see the improvements made during the residency.

American Home Fitness has numerous tools and accessories for low-intensity activities to help individuals with physical limitations. Dumbbells of varying sizes are available for individuals who are struggling from disuse atrophy and require muscle development training. Purchase our stability balls for balance training and core strengthening for individuals with an amputation. Individuals suffering from chronic pain will benefit from our versatile designs of massage options.

There are many types of rehab center exercise equipment that assist in patients’ recovery. Use our machines and accessories to give residents the advantage they desire in optimizing the way they strengthen their bodies. Everyone deserves a chance to improve their health, and with the help of our equipment, fitness goals will become more achievable.
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