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Campus Rec Center Fitness Equipment

Engaging in physical activity and ensuring the body stays in shape may be challenging on campus, especially when you don’t have the necessary equipment to work out. Rec centers are usually the place to go for the best gains, but your school may not have what you’re looking for in terms of machines that help you grow stronger. Fortunately, American Home Fitness has what you need with campus rec center fitness equipment that will make the space more active and fun.

Those who enjoy the thrill of running should look into our available treadmill brands, such as Inspire, Tru, and Spirit Fitness. This equipment allows multiple people to run alongside each other in the same space. If you want to work on your cardio while incorporating more movement, consider our ellipticals and stationary bikes with various flywheels for enhanced exercise.

If you want to beef up your arms and upper body, look into the numerous varieties of dumbbells and barbells we offer. It’s invigorating to sweat while pumping iron and pushing yourself to new weight limits. Additionally, we have different types of weights, such as kettlebells, if you want to mix up the way you work out. We also offer benches that recline in various positions for different weight lifting, which is beneficial to people who want to visit the campus rec center with the goal of improving their bench press abilities.

If you’re in the market for more heavy-duty gym equipment, American Home Fitness has home gym systems to adorn your rec center. These combinations of equipment provide numerous ways to get in a good workout. Whether someone needs to work on their traps or wants to improve how many pull-ups they can do, our home gym systems have something for everyone.

There is also more compact workout equipment for people who don’t want to use a machine. Buy our exercise balls for weight training, resistance bands for endurance and resistance training, and stability balls that allow you to bounce as you sit and rest. Rec centers should be a fun space where people have the chance to be active and play together. Here at American Home Fitness, we want to ensure your school has the necessary campus rec center fitness equipment to keep visitors healthy and excited for their next visit. Purchase new equipment and make your rec center the hotspot where everyone goes for activity and fun.

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