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Hospitality & Hotel Gym Equipment

Working out is incredibly beneficial to many aspects of health, and some of us strive to get our hearts pumping multiple days per week. However, when we stay in a hotel, some of us worry about getting in a great workout. For this reason, the best hotels have indoor gyms for guests to work out during their stay. Offering a range of quality hotel gym equipment to guests enhances their experience, which improves your reputation as a business.

Add a Fitness Room

For some people, exercising is a crucial part of their daily routine. While guests may be on vacation, that doesn’t mean they want to skip their morning run or set of reps. In fact, some solely search for hotels with fitness rooms because exercising is one of their priorities. When dependable gym equipment is easily accessible to guests, they can continue moving toward their fitness goals.

Buy Quality Brands

All your hotel fitness equipment should be high quality, well cared for, and easy to use. American Home Fitness sells various name brands, including but not limited to:

- True Fitness
- Spirit
- Precor
- Hoist Fitness

Superior gear keeps guests happy and ensures you don’t waste business money on these assets; name-brand machines last a long time, especially when you maintain them.

Offer Various Machines

As you shop for gym equipment for your hotel, strive to buy a range of gear. Don’t just purchase the standards such as treadmills, ellipticals, and dumbbells. Many guests enjoy visiting the hotel gym to test out gear they don’t otherwise have access to. To meet the needs of various guests, present standard equipment as well as rowing machines, stair masters, and power plates. A variety of well-maintained workout equipment will keep your guests happy.

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The majority of fitness lovers don’t want to ditch their daily workouts on vacation. With a fitness room, you appeal to them and anyone else planning to work out on their trip. American Home Fitness sells a range of brands and machine types that’ll fit perfectly into your hotel fitness room.

If you have questions about our hotel gym equipment, please contact us by calling (586) 737-0660 or emailing The American Home Fitness team is always happy to assist customers in ensuring they make the perfect purchase.

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