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Gym Equipment for Student Housing

Many can understand and relate to the stress and challenges of being a student. From study sessions and exams to extracurriculars, many feel that they’re under a tremendous amount of pressure. There are some healthy outlets, though; one of the ways that many young students escape the anxiety and stress of classes is with exercise.

Dorm fitness centers are enticing fitness amenities that are crucial to the mental health of many students. If your student housing doesn’t have quality gym equipment, it’s already behind other schools and student housing options that understand how crucial exercise is to many students. At American Home Fitness, you can find all the essential gym equipment for student housing.

Help Students Relieve Stress and Stay Healthy With American Home Fitness

Dorm exercise equipment used to be a luxury for student housing; now, it’s practically a requirement, as many students expect to have a functional gym experience. And if a prospective student is choosing between two universities that are close academically, and one offers significantly better student living amenities, like a state-of-the-art fitness center, that could be the deciding factor.

For many students, going to the gym is a prerequisite for staying in shape and relieving mental stress. Don’t let your student housing fall behind with high-quality gym equipment from American Home Fitness.

Best Exercise Equipment for Student Housing

Student housing fitness centers aren’t much different than regular gyms. Strength training and weightlifting are popular with young people, as well as cardio exercises and group classes. Some essential equipment that every student housing fitness center should have includes the following:

  • - Power rack
  • - Treadmill
  • - Dumbbell rack
  • - Cable machine
  • - Flexibility training (resistance bands, yoga mats, etc.)
  • - Recumbent/stationary bike


Find Affordable & Quality Gym Equipment at American Home Fitness

You’ll need a lot of gym equipment for student housing, but where should you get it? At American Home Fitness, you’ll find the finest fitness equipment from the top brands at economical prices.

Browse our selection of gym equipment; you can also contact our staff at (586) 737-0660 or if you have any questions about the equipment in our inventory.

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