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Most people tend to knock rowing as a full-body workout since, upon first glance, the arms look to be the only parts in motion. Here's why we can disprove that.

Rowing offers a fantastic alternative to the usual treadmill and elliptical sweat session when it comes to full-body workouts. Now, you're probably thinking how incorrect that statement must be, considering that you've seen how a rowing machine works. The constant back and forth motion on the machine results from solely...

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Although it’s daunting to start, personal gym areas have greater longevity than your standard commercial location. To learn more, continue reading here.

Public gyms are convenient spaces that fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life can use. While you’ll find most of the equipment you need to get through your routine, public fitness centers can be a short-lived experience compared to at-home gyms. While home gyms require a bit of funding to...

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As the foundation of your fitness journey, core and stability exercises promote coordination and decrease the risk of injury when performing other movements.

Due to inexperience, many new gymgoers gravitate towards machines when exploring their local fitness center the first few times. While these machines are beneficial, they focus on isolated movements to supplement compound movements. While there’s nothing wrong with using a gym machine to get a workout in, gym machines may...

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