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Advantages of Incorporating an Elliptical Into Your Workouts

There are many benefits of elliptical workouts—they are a great full-body workout, boost your stamina and cardio, burn a lot of calories, and cause less stress on your body. Ellipticals are also a very popular addition to any home gym because of all of the advantages of incorporating them into your weekly workouts.

Get Full-Body Workouts

Feel a full-body burn with an elliptical machine that has handles. This is one of the few cardio machines that can provide you with both an upper- and lower-body workout. Maximize your upper-body benefits by distributing your weight and resistance evenly—in other words, pump your arms just as fast as you’re moving your legs. When used correctly, an elliptical machine can target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, back, biceps, triceps, and core muscles.

Have Less Joint Stress

A major benefit of elliptical workouts is that they put way less stress on your joints! This is because your feet never break contact with the pedals and the fluid movements of the machine offer a low-impact type of cardio workout. Less joint stress means you can enjoy this low-impact workout as often as you would like without the worry of wear and tear.

Boost Stamina and Cardio

Cardio is a key part of maintaining a balanced exercise routine, as it makes your heart and lungs work harder to provide your muscles with more blood and oxygen. An elliptical machine helps give you a good aerobic workout, which helps strengthen your lungs, heart, and muscles. In turn, this helps build your stamina and endurance to perform better in both high-intensity interval training as well as steady-state cardio workouts.

The American Home Fitness Difference

We take pride in offering the highest quality exercise machines, flexibility equipment, and many other fitness accessories. At American Home Fitness, we help you find everything you need to create your ideal home gym; plus, you can stop into any of our fitness showrooms throughout Michigan and Ohio to try out the machines. Our experts will go over the benefits of elliptical workouts and all of our equipment. Stop in today to start building the home gym of your dreams.

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