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Country Club Fitness Equipment

Adding a workout facility to your country club is a wonderful way to appeal to members. Exercise is a healthy outlet for stress, so many individuals search for workout facilities that will suit their fitness needs. The more amenities a country club has, the more appealing it will appear to members and prospects. American Home Fitness sells the best country club fitness equipment; enhance your organization by adding a workout zone featuring only the best machinery.

Buy the Best Brands for Your Country Club

Often, members visit the country club to decompress or partake in a hobby. Membership isn’t cheap, and members expect the best from the facility. Due to this, you should purchase reputable brands for your fitness equipment. Some of the top fitness gear companies include:

  • Precor
  • Hoist
  • True Fitness
  • WaterRower


At American Home Fitness, we only sell the best brands to ensure all our customers get reliable equipment. Keep your country club members happy with gear built to last throughout years of consistent use.

Purchase Various Types of Gym Equipment

When you add a fitness center to your club, you should offer many types of equipment. Most workout enthusiasts focus on full-body workouts, which require weightlifting gear and cardio machines. Some examples of essential country club gym equipment include the following:

  • Treadmill
  • Multi-gym
  • Exercise bike
  • Elliptical
  • Rower
  • Stretch trainer


In addition to these machines, you should also have dumbbells, power plates, and flexibility gear so that club members can complete their preferred workouts.

Why Add a Fitness Room

Country clubs offer various recreational activities, and working out is a common interest for many individuals. Joining a country club is a luxury; the more amenities you have, the grander the organization appears. Additionally, having numerous amenities enhances your reputation and helps your country club stand out.

Contact American Home Fitness

Shop for the best country club fitness equipment at American Home Fitness. As fitness lovers, we have plenty of knowledge about all our machinery and products. Contact us if you have questions about a specific item or need help locating something. You’ll reach our team by calling (586) 737-0660 or emailing us at

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