3 Things You Can Do on Rest Days To Actively Recover

The physical fitness journey can be challenging, taking a lot of energy and effort. When you become tired after working out for long periods, you may need a rest day to recover. There are multiple ways to recover on your rest days, but specific things can help you actively recover.


Stretching has always helped people recover from strain or muscle soreness. When you exercise—especially with high intensity—your muscles swell up from all the stress placed on them; stretching expands the veins to allow better circulation to and from the heart. The increased blood flow assists in recovery via the heart pumping more blood to those sore muscles. The oxygen carried to those muscles will then aid in the recovery of the torn muscles fibers. Therefore, stretching is an excellent way for your body to recover while you remain calmly active.


Walking is a great low-intensity exercise that people do every day. It’s a great way to get the heart pumping faster, but it’s not as strenuous as a higher-intensity workout such as running. The movement of your legs will keep your blood flowing and your muscles actively working. This active form of recovery will help your muscles stay in shape and prevent soreness from setting in. The additional improvement to your cardio makes this a great thing you can do on your rest days to actively recover.


People who love to dance know that dancing is a fun physical activity that gets your blood hot and your heart beating faster. The endorphins you release, such as dopamine, will give you a pleasurable feeling that will make you want to keep dancing. The joyous feeling of dancing takes stress off the mind and body and leaves you feeling relaxed.

Depending on the type of dancing you perform, the activity may have a higher intensity. But as long as you do it in moderation and at a steady pace, you’ll find that this is a fun thing you can do on your rest days to actively recover.

Working out is a very beneficial activity that will improve your quality of life. But simultaneously, rest is just as important, and actively resting is a great way to recover and enhance your physical fitness abilities. If you want a good workout followed by a great rest day, find some home gym equipment for sale in Orion, MI.