4 Compact and Affordable Exercise Machines That Fit Anywhere

Many of us who like to work out at home want to have the best workout experience possible, so we use exercise machines. Exercise machines are pieces of expensive equipment that takes a lot of room in most home areas. Fortunately, some machines will take up less space at an affordable price.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

This bike is a compact and affordable exercise machine that fits anywhere. The bike can unfold in different degrees, so your exercise style will find comfort in this durable bike while remaining in the tightest of spaces.

The stainless steel frame and wide seat allow people up to 300 pounds to mount the bike and retain stability. The price falls anywhere from $80 to $120, which is well under most prices of standard exercise bikes.

Sunny Air Walk Elliptical

The Air Walk Elliptical is a foldable elliptical with thin stainless steel bars. The minimalist appearance gives its compact size and an affordable price of around $125, which is better than the classic elliptical with bulkier pedals and may cost $100 more.

Sunny Mini Exercise Bike

A compact and affordable exercise machine that fits anywhere, Sunny’s mini exercise bike is a great way to work out in smaller home areas. This exercise bike will fit under your desk for small workouts while working and will fit under your bed for convenience. In the place of an elliptical, this mini-cycle fits in multiple locations and costs less, with the most expensive model being $50 less.

HI-MAT Power Tower

This weight rack takes up little room needing only a wall and a little width to use. The Power Tower has numerous handles and bars for a person to perform various exercises such as pullups, chin-ups, or upside-down sit-ups and is very stable on the floor. The many features put this great piece of equipment at about $225, which is worth it for everything you will have the power to do.

Putting together your home gym takes work, especially when choosing the workout equipment. If you have limited space, you’ll want to start small. Find all of your home gym equipment for sale in Novi, MI.