4 Great Exercises That Work Out Your Entire Upper Body

We rely on different exercises to get our bodies into great shape for the workout we need. When we work out, we use specific exercises to focus on areas of the body that we wish to improve. If you want to target the upper body, for example, there are multiple muscles that you need to work on to achieve a balanced shape and strength—but there are also exercises that will boost the entire upper body.


A classic workout, push-ups offer excellent exercise for multiple upper body areas. Use your triceps, shoulders, and a little of the bicep to push your body up from the ground and sustain that position. This movement will boost your muscles’ ability to remain flexed for long periods. You’ll use the chest muscles to add strength behind the pushing action and work out all the muscles extending through both arms.


Chin-ups require a lot of focus, balance, and energy, making them a great exercise that works out your entire upper body. Performing a chin-up will require all of your arm strength to pull you up toward the bar that you’re gripping.

Your back needs to remain as straight as possible, so your back muscles will work hard to retain that posture. Depending on the type of chin-ups you do, such as palm-in or palm-out, you’ll need to engage different muscles, such as the chest or forearms. These variations can also offer more of a challenge.

Bent-Over Barbell Row

This exercise will work out numerous upper body parts, as well as the legs. For this exercise, you’ll need to bend your upper body forward at a 45-degree angle with the barbell in front as you grip it with your palms down. You’ll then push the barbell downward and upward as straight as possible at a perpendicular angle.

Performing this workout will strengthen your back and build your biceps, triceps, and shoulders with diagonal movement that will work out the entire upper body. Your legs may feel some stress after a few sets while they hold your body up at an angle and prevent you from tipping forward while you work out.

Overhead Dumbbell Press

The overhead dumbbell press works out the shoulders, biceps, and upper back. Your shoulders and biceps will need to work together to lift your arms and lift the dumbbells over your head, then lower them with a controlled movement. This exercise will also work out the back and abdominals, as you’ll need to maintain good posture. Bending the spine too much while trying to support the weight of the dumbells will lead to back problems, so core engagement is crucial.

The use of these exercises will create a strong upper body for you. To start this strength-building journey, check out American Home Fitness for exercise equipment in Toledo, OH.