4 Home Gym Safety Tips for Parents of Young Children

As a parent, it's important to practice self-care and not neglect your own needs. You might have a home gym so that you can stay fit without leaving the house. If you have young children, they may be interested in your home gym, so it’s important to protect them from harm. Use these home gym safety tips as a parent of young children, and make the space safe for times when your energetic kids interrupt your workout session.

Set Up the Equipment in a Secluded Area

Set up your home gym in a place that's not easily accessible for the children. The basement is typically the best place for the home gym, especially for parents with young children. They may be wary of the basement, especially if it is unfurnished.

This avoidance makes the basement perfect for setting up shop and working out. You won’t have to worry about the kids touching your equipment if they avoid the basement altogether! As an additional form of safety, install a baby gate at the top of the stairs to prevent them from going down there at all. Store home gym equipment, such as treadmills and spin bikes, in areas where children refuse to explore to ensure their safety.

Unplug Machines When Not in Use

Exercise machines, such as treadmills, use electricity. While plugged in, they pose dangers to curious children who want to play. Your kids could sustain injuries if they play on your treadmill without supervision. Make your home gym safe by unplugging machines you aren't using.

It's harder for kids to injure themselves when the treadmill belt isn't moving. Spin bikes and ellipticals function without electricity, but your kids can still hurt themselves by climbing onto them. If possible, store this equipment in a closet or room with a lock to prevent your child from getting hurt.

Keep Smaller Equipment Locked Away

As stated, you should stash equipment not in use to prevent your children from playing with it. Kids are curious, and they may take an interest in resistance bands and small dumbbells. Lock away any small items you’re not using in a chest or storage container.

Place the container in a closet and cover it with clothes or another box to prevent them from finding it. Locking up smaller equipment is a surefire home gym safety method for parents with young children.

Set Rules and Always Supervise

Your kids are likely familiar with rules (and the consequences of breaking them). Set rules such as staying away from the home gym, not touching the equipment, and never tampering with the locks. If you catch them attempting to enter when they think you aren't around, remind them that your home gym is for parents only.

Home gyms are great for you but dangerous for your children. Use these tips and your parental instincts to keep your kids safe. Then, you’ll worry less about them harming themselves on your equipment.