5 Ways To Keep Your Abs Popping During Winter

Working out in the cold isn't ideal for most people, and it will put a damper on your motivation to exercise parts of the body, such as your abs. However, there are some ways to give your abs that defined look you want despite the frigid temperatures. If you want more information on keeping your abs in good shape throughout the winter, read on.


The classic plank is an exercise that will test your endurance. Your abs will continuously flex for an extended period and stress your abdominal muscles.

Unlike other ab workouts such as sit-ups or crunches, planks require a consistent amount of energy burned instead of bursts done in reps. Your body will have an easier time retaining that flexing of the abs, helping you keep your abs popping during the winter.


Rowing is a high-intensity workout that will work out multiple ab muscles with each rep. Strengthening multiple muscles at once will ensure that your body will have a more defined shape as your muscle mass increases in your torso.

The cold may make you reluctant to go to the gym, so using a rowing machine for home to give you a chiseled set of abs is a better choice. Rowing daily will produce better results, and you'll notice your muscles taking more shape in your abdomen.

Bracing Your Core Throughout the Day

It's acceptable to curl under the sheets to get warm and comfortable, but if you want an amazing set of abs, you'll need to find a way to get a workout and stay warm.

An essential part of any workout is flexing the muscles frequently to cause muscle fibers to damage and our body to repair the fibers to create a larger muscle mass. With this biological process in mind, tightening your core in repetitions or a continuous hold will suffice in keeping your abs popping in the winter.

This process is simple and effective, depending on how long and often you do it. It's best to tighten your abs when your torso is straight so the body will heal them for a well-defined look while standing.

Slow-Paced Bicycle Kicks

Bicycle kicks are great for working out the lower body, and slowly performing them puts more stress on your ab muscles. The tension of controlling your legs as they alternate will give you more work to complete the set. The increased effort will result in a strong core and popping abs.

Perform Upper and Lower Ab Workouts

While it's advisable to space out workouts when strengthening different muscle groups, your abdominal muscles and core will benefit from a workout of both your upper and lower abs. Working out both areas will create balanced muscle gains and help you strengthen the body efficiently. You'll notice better results and more muscle from a back-to-back workout of both muscle groups.

It's always a great feeling to look in the mirror and see the shape of your abs. Despite the cold weather, these ways will help you gain the shape you've wanted and help you maintain the popping shape of your abs.