Best Gym Equipment for Beginners

When you’re new to working out and gym options are limited due to the current concerns of COVID-19, it’s worth looking into the variety of home gym equipment available. It’s great to be able to start off with something basic that’ll allow you to work towards your goal of getting into better shape. Learn about the best gym equipment for beginners by reading below.

Jump Rope

When it comes to beginning to work out, you can’t go wrong with a jump rope. These are great for their practicality as a simple piece of equipment and the amount of workout routines you can use it for. Jump roping will help you build up your muscle endurance while giving you a quality cardio workout.

Pull-Up Bar

If you want a simple piece of equipment that will allow you to get the same pull-up exercises for your body at home that you get at the gym, then investing in a doorway pull-up bar is a wise choice for you. These bars are designed to hook over the trim at the top of a doorway, creating a home pull-up station that can hold most weights. It’s an effective way to develop your back, shoulder, and bicep muscles. You can even add weights to your ankles to up the challenge once you’ve gained more muscle and strength.

Balance Trainer Ball

This tool is designed as what looks like half of a ball with a flat platform that lets it stay on the floor. The ball allows you to build strength in your core and create more stability for yourself by strengthening the muscles in your hips and legs. It’s useful to implement into any routine. Stability gives you proper symmetry in your hips and legs, which is vital for all physical activity.

Resistance Bands

Investing in some sets of resistance bands will be extremely beneficial, especially when getting yourself into exercise. Their simplicity makes them versatile for a variety of great routines that’ll get you into shape. You can get full-size resistance bands which are great for arm and shoulder workouts, or mini resistance bands which are especially great for strengthening your legs among other exercises. They’re a great alternative if you don’t have weights to create resistance.

Kettlebell Weights

The weights are great for at-home workouts. If you’re just starting out and trying to have a variety of exercises to turn to at home, a kettlebell can be used for squats, toning your shoulders, and back rows. Get a set of these and you’ll be able to change the amount of weight. Not only are they space effective, but they’re cost effective as well.

Plyo Box

For a simple way to give yourself the workout of stair-climbers, a plyo box is a great beginner’s option. It’s easy to store and it’s not too expensive. Rather than climbing a set of stairs which can be disruptive and unsafe, a plyo box provides you with all the exercise options including step-ups, calf raises, and box jumps.

Rock Climbing Rings

For a unique exercise option, rock climbing rings give you the benefit of doing a variety of pull-ups. These offer a greater variety of workouts compared to a traditional pull-up bar. When doing pull-ups, the rings can rotate, putting less stress on your elbows. You can use them for body-weight rows and interval training. They can even be lowered to do dips.

Yoga Mat

When you’re new to diligent exercise, it’s important to know that you need a proper floor surface for exercises that require you to be on the floor. Hard floors and even carpeted floors can be extremely uncomfortable, potentially causing stress on different parts of your body. A quality yoga mat will give you a padded surface, allowing you to do stretches, yoga, and other exercises safe and effectively.

TRX Suspension Equipment

TRX Suspension gear is some of the best gym equipment for beginners. It was designed by a Navy Seal to give someone an intense physical workout in a small amount of time, and in a small space. The workout uses a series of straps that allow you to give yourself a thorough bodyweight workout. As someone new to working out, this TRX Suspension will get you into shape and build your endurance quickly.


Using a sledgehammer is very useful for strength training. You can tailer it to fit a variety of fitness goals, making it a great option for a beginner. With it, you can achieve many different end goals over time. Use the sledgehammer in a variety of movements that target specific muscles throughout your body.

Upright AirBike

Give yourself a means to get the quality of cardio you get from running outdoors anytime, year-round, without putting the stress on your joints that you see in high impact exercises such as running. The AirBike is designed differently from a traditional stationary bike, as it provides you with the ability to tone your arms and legs.

Battle Rope

If you have enough outside space, a battle rope provides many short burst workouts great for strength and endurance training. You can start with the double whip, the single whip, or—if the rope is too heavy at first—drop one side of the rope and take the other with two hands and create the same movements as the double.

Adjustable Dumbbells

A great way to have enough dumbbells at different weights is to invest in some adjustable dumbbells. These are designed so you can adjust the settings to create different weights for yourself. It’s essentially an all-in-one design. You’ll can start low and work your way up. Plus, they’re easy to store if you don’t have a lot of room.

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Best Gym Equipment for Beginners