Bring the Gym Outside With These Easy Outdoor Workouts

Let's be honest; when it comes to working out, most people picture being cramped at the gym, waiting for the next squat rack to become available or repping curls until failure. Sure, that's one way of working out, but the truth is, workouts don't have to be confined to a gym. A small amount of creativity can provide considerable opportunities to exercise anywhere at any time when the gym doesn't sound so fun anymore. So, bring the gym outside with these easy outdoor workouts that can add some excitement to your fitness routine.

Benefits of Outdoor Workouts

When compared to indoor workouts, outdoor exercise has a world of advantages that you can benefit from. For example, exercising in outdoor environments allows for positive feelings such as revitalization, lower anger, and lower depression. Working out outdoors can also decrease stress and confusion.

Outdoor movements such as running on terrain can differ from running on a treadmill, as it requires greater flexibility to stay balanced on uneven ground. This calls for a more extended, more strenuous activity that can expend more energy.

Outdoor Cardio

When it comes to outside cardio, there’s a world to explore. In an age where high-interval intensity training (HIIT) reigns supreme, taking your workout outside can be a breeze. Here are some exciting movements to try that can add variety to your environment:

  • - Parking Lot: You'll start your sweat session by running down ten parking spots and back; this will be done twice. Once done, you can switch up with side shuffling down five spots and back, then change the direction and repeat the movement.

You can add lunges, push-ups, and sit-up variations for added intensity, but remember that you’ll repeat your circuit for five rounds for a complete workout.

  • - Driveway: Take this twenty-minute AMRAP workout for a spin by jogging down your driveway and sprinting back up upon your return. You'll repeat this four times and follow it up with a thirty-second plank. Add in twenty bodyweight squats followed by five burpees to complete the round.

Keep in mind that AMRAP means "as many reps as possible," so while you control the number of rotations in your session, this is an opportunity to push yourself! However, listen to your body and take rests after rotations.

Outdoor Strength Training

You can opt to bring out your barbell and bumper plates for an outdoor deadlift session or a few snatch and cleans to train strength outdoors. However, if you're looking for something more portable, try these options instead:

  • - Medicine Ball: Don't let medicine balls fool you. At first glance, they seem like a weighted version of a harmless toy. However, this piece of equipment can throw your body off balance, so strengthening your core is necessary if you want to remain stabilized throughout exercises.

You can start your routine with a few twisting lunges. Start the movement withholding the medicine ball at chest level. Initiate the action by stepping forward with your left and ensuring your knee does not come past your foot. While doing so, press the ball away from your chest and twist your upper body to the left. You can return to the center to end the movement.

Repeat the same steps on the right and repeat on each leg for 3 three sets. You’ll want to control the speed of your twists to avoid injury.

You can also add intensity to your squats with a medicine ball. You'll start your movement standing with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. While holding the ball at chest level, you'll want to squat down to where you’re parallel and press the medicine ball outwards.

To remain balanced, focus the weight shift in your heels, keep your chest up and your knees behind your toes. To end the squat, use your glutes to push through and stand up and bring the medicine ball back towards you. You can perform this exercise for thirty seconds then rest.

  • - Kettlebell: The fantastic thing about kettlebells is they come in various weights that can suit a workout no matter the fitness level. You can start with a six-to-eight kilogram kettlebell for upper body movements such as lateral raises and rows.

To complete a lateral raise, start with the kettlebell at your side. Engage your core, and with your arm fully extended, you raise your arm to chest level and hold for two seconds. To end the movement, lower your arm back to your side. Repeat the exercise for ten reps, then switch to your other arm.

For upright rows, start your exercise by grabbing the kettlebell handle with both hands. At this point, you'll want to raise your chin and hold for two seconds. Repeat for a total of 15 reps.

  • - Park Bench: Any park bench you locate can be equipment for tricep dips and push-ups. If this is your first time performing tricep dips, you start facing away from the bench and placing your hands on the seating. With your legs fully extended in front of you, you'll lift your weight from the ground to an L-shaped starting position.

Like the push-up motion, you'll bend your arms to a ninety-degree angle, allowing your body to act as resistance. To end the movement, you'll push up from the bench, allowing you to return to the starting position.

For actual push-ups, you can perform your standard variation with feet and hands on the ground. However, you can try an incline push-up for variety, which involves placing your hands on the bench while your feet are on the ground.

You can also test its decline variation that involves placing your feet on the bench and your hands on the ground. Keep in mind that a decline push-up can be more difficult compared to the incline push-up.

Easy Alternatives To Workouts

If HIIT sessions aren’t up your alley, there are fun alternatives to these that don’t feel like workouts at all! You can introduce these activities into your workout routine for added enjoyment while still enjoying the outdoors and burning calories:

  • - Volleyball
  • - Hiking
  • - Basketball
  • - Bike Riding
  • - Yoga
  • - Swimming

Don’t let your workout routine fall flat! You can bring the gym outside with these easy workouts and still break a sweat! Are you searching for gym equipment? We've got you covered. Check out our website at American Home Fitness where we have fitness equipment for sale in Orion, MI, that can meet all your needs.

Bring the Gym Outside With These Easy Outdoor Workouts