Cardio Training Exercises To Dominate in an Obstacle Race

One of the best attributes you could have is great cardiovascular endurance, which will help you in various types of physical activity. Cardio is an essential strength-training practice for activities such as an obstacle race, and you’ll need strong lung muscles for a better chance at winning. Read on to learn various cardio training exercises to help you in an obstacle race and prove that you are fit to be a winner, regardless of the hurdles ahead.

High-Knees While Jogging in Place

Most obstacle races will incorporate mud and uneven terrain that makes running challenging. A great way to train for this natural obstacle is to strengthen your legs and flexibility with high knees. Perform high knees as you jog in place to strengthen your thighs and improve hip flexor mobility.

Bringing your knees up as you run through the obstacle will require controlled breathing and cardiovascular strength. This exercise will help you practice using these muscles and find the right time to breathe with each step. Adding light ankle weights will help simulate trudging through the mud or waste high fluid and give you a better understanding of what you can expect in the race.

Bike Rides

A long bike ride is one of the most reliable ways to build cardio. Any race will push your cardio limits, and you’ll need a great exercise regimen that requires using your legs and the strength of your lungs to give you more energy. Try pedaling at a consistent pace to practice efficiency and increase your endurance.

You’ll feel your energy drain after each obstacle in the race, so you’ll need to learn how to stay consistent in your movements as you fatigue. Use an exercise bike with various settings to improve pedal resistance and track your distance traveled for better training results.


The quick movements and activation of various muscles make burpees an intense exercise, and you need to train with intensity to compete in an obstacle race. Improved cardio is essential for tackling obstacles when you need to instantly change from crawling to standing. Burpees are a great cardio training exercise for obstacle races with various challenges requiring you to go high or get low.

Inclined Treadmill

The ground will be uneven during most of the race, which will tire you out more and cause you to run out of breath faster. Run on a treadmill to prepare, and make sure your treadmill has incline features to create an environment similar to the race.

Start with subtle inclines at a moderate pace, and work your way up to a steep incline and slightly faster run. The extra effort will improve your muscles and help you practice controlled breathing.

It will take great effort to overcome the challenges you’ll face in the race, and if you don’t want to fall behind, improving your cardio is your best option. Use these exercises to dominate the obstacle course, pull ahead of the competition, and break through any ice pit, net wall, or cage crawl with little effort.