Find Your Strength: 4 Variations of Weighted Tricep Workouts

When you want to improve the way you build your triceps, doing various weighted tricep exercises is best. These workouts are excellent for challenging yourself and elevating your fitness. Here are four variations of weighted tricep workouts to help you find your strength. Incorporating them into your routine can make your arms noticeably stronger.

Tricep Dips With Weighted Vest

Tricep dips with a weighted vest are perfect for increasing upper body strength. The added weight from the vest increases the intensity of the standard tricep dip, putting more strain on your muscles. This variation of weighted tricep workouts targets your triceps, chest, and shoulders, offering a great upper-body workout.

You can adjust your weighted vest so that it fits comfortably, making this exercise suitable for beginners and workout veterans. Use controlled movements to focus your attention on flexing your triceps to improve the way you perform this workout; good form is as essential as your equipment!

Weighted Up-Down Planks

This exercise involves transitioning between a high plank on your palms and a low plank on your elbows. Placing a weight plate on your back adds difficulty. Your muscle engagement will improve with the extra weight, engaging your triceps core, glutes, and shoulders.

Adjust the weight plate to meet your fitness level. We recommend using a weight plate with rubber on its surface for a better grip on your back to avoid slipping. Additionally, keep your body as steady as possible when changing plank positions to maximize the benefits of this exercise.

Resistance Band Kickbacks With Dumbbells

A resistance band can make your workouts more challenging. The extra effort to perform exercises can do wonders for muscle engagement. With the addition of dumbbells, your workout becomes more intense as you combine resistance and weight training.

Start with small weights to avoid straining yourself. This exercise involves many forces working against you to perform a kickback, making it easy to over-exert yourself. Add weight using a dumbbell weight set as you get stronger to improve your gains.

Weighted Tricep Push-Ups

By placing a weight plate on your back during push-ups, you increase the load on your triceps and promote muscle growth. This exercise targets the triceps and engages the core, making it an effective full-body workout. Whether you are a novice to weightlifting or a bodybuilder, you’ll improve your exercise routine by adding a weighted plate to your tricep push-ups. Like the up-down planks, maintain good form and execute controlled movements to maximize your gains and prevent injury.

Elevate your fitness journey and redefine your strength by integrating these innovative weighted tricep workouts into your regimen. With the selection at American Home Fitness, you’ll find the weights you need for the best workouts, and you’ll soon have the triceps you’ve always wanted in no time!