Health Benefits of an Elliptical

Ellipticals are an extremely popular piece of exercise equipment for people looking to kickstart a more active lifestyle. They’re very user-friendly, and people can tailor them in many ways to suit almost any fitness routine or skill set. You can use them as a stand-alone workout or integrate it into a more extensive exercise routine. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate this machine, working out on an elliptical can yield impressive results in your overall fitness level. Below are some of the most notable health benefits of an elliptical.

Increased cardiovascular health

Elliptical machines are designed mainly for cardio exercise and used as a warm-up for more strenuous activities. Beginning your workout with a brief elliptical exercise increases your heart rate, which helps prepare your body and muscles for more difficult exercises to come. Increasing your heart rate also helps strengthen the muscles within your heart. The heart must work harder to pump oxygen to all parts of your body during your workout. Over time, your heart will become stronger and will not need to work as hard to provide your body with blood. This decreases your risk of developing heart disease or experiencing blockages in your blood vessels over time.

Low-impact exercise

Elliptical machines are the preferred piece of exercise equipment for many older individuals due to the fact that they allow for low-impact exercise. Unlike jogging on a treadmill, which requires the user to place pressure on one foot at a time, elliptical exercises keep both feet stationary in the stirrups at all times. Ellipticals operate with a smoother, gliding motion that helps reduce strain on the ankle, knee, and hip joints. It’s for this reason that elliptical machines are so popular among older individuals or people who have recently suffered an injury. Ellipticals offer a low-stress cardio option for people looking to ease into their fitness journey.

Total body conditioning

Elliptical workouts mainly focus on cardio exercise. However, ellipticals can also provide effective total body conditioning. Maintaining proper form on an elliptical means not only engaging your leg and glute muscles but also your core and back muscles. Many ellipticals also come equipped with mobile handlebars that allow you to engage your upper body as well. You can even customize ellipticals to suit specific workouts and skill levels, with some capable of replicating hills and valleys. Engaging your whole body in one elliptical workout can help improve your cardio stamina over time, enabling you to achieve even higher fitness goals.

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