How Hydration Affects Your Workout Performance

It’s important to drink enough water in your day. That’s especially true when you work out. Sweating will have you losing hydration at a faster rate, so it’s vital you replenish with plenty of fluid. Whether you’re drinking water or a sport enhancement beverage, you’ll notice the positive effects of staying hydrated. Here you can learn about how hydration affects your workout performance.

Endurance Boost

One of the ways hydration affects your workout performance is by boosting endurance. Without adequate hydration, you’ll feel sluggish and unable to keep up with your usual routines. That’s because water helps transport essential carbs, proteins, fats, and other nutrients to all parts of your body. Fluids also help remove metabolic waste quicker. Salts, phosphates, sulfates, excess substances, and nitrogenous waste will leave your body efficiently.

Improved Heart Health

Another aspect of how hydration affects your workout performance is with heart health and well-regulated blood pressure. Naturally, your heart rate and systolic blood pressure go up when you work out. It’s normal for your blood pressure to rise to 160-220 mmHg during exercise. Fluid intake helps relieve the stress that would usually put on your body. If your heart rate and blood pressure are left unregulated, you may experience inflammation, poor performance, and weakened recovery.

Cramp Prevention

People who exercise without enough water in their systems will likely experience muscle cramps. Cramps in the calf muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, abdomen, and intercostal muscles around the ribcage are most common. Your muscles need water to work at their optimum levels. Without enough water, they get tight, can’t relax, and stay painfully contracted throughout your workout. Be sure to drink water before your workout. Drinking water after it is important too, but scientists have found you can still get cramps if you only drink water afterwards.

Temperature Regulation

Water also helps regulate your body temperature. When you exercise, your core temperature rises above normal. Without water to cool your body down, extra stress is put on your body. This interferes with your energy stores, slowing down your performance. In the worst, you can overheat and even faint.

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