How To Find the Best Training Style for You

Just as people have different body types and strength levels, the best workout methods for them can be just as unique. There is a vast number of exercises and training regimens available to lose weight and gain muscle. However, not every training style works the same way for everyone.

Choose a Goal

Everyone has an idea of what results they want to see from their training. People who want to bulk up will focus on muscular strength and weight training; those who wish to improve their cardio will try running or aerobics. People who want a toned body will focus on exercises to enhance muscular endurance. But before performing any of these workout types, you need a goal in mind.

Depending on your goals, physical capabilities, or fitness level, some workouts may be too much or too little for you. Figuring out how to find the best training style for you will take some exploring and experimentation.

After trying different styles, you’ll start to understand your limitations and where you want to go in your physical fitness journey.

Visualize Your Success

Like with any plan, the key to finding success in your training is to have a clear idea of your desired results and the steps you’ll take to complete that transformation. Instead of blindly trying multiple workouts and hoping to find one that works for you, you’ll save a lot of time by asking yourself what you want to achieve or look like at the end of your journey.

Your goal may be complex as running a triathlon or as simple as being able to do 100 push-ups without stopping. You will ultimately define your goals, but they should be something you can achieve by sticking to a consistent exercise routine. You don’t want your goal to be so far off in the distance that you’re likely to give up after a few bumps in the road.

Find the Right Equipment

On your own, you will perform incredible feats and push your limits in a workout. However, you’re also human, so as you grow tired throughout your session, it’s natural that your form might suffer. But using the exercise equipment of today, you’ll be able to work harder and more consistently to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

For every type of exercise, there is a piece of equipment that can help you do it more effectively. Use this equipment to intensify your training regimen and improve results as you continue to progress and track how far you’ve come. Exercise equipment comes in various shapes and sizes, from metal dumbells to electronic machines.

When using equipment, you’ll need to increase repetitions as your body becomes stronger, just like in a workout with no equipment. Trying out different workout tools with your training plan will give you more options and allow you to achieve your goals at a quicker pace. Also, consider getting equipment for your home instead of going to the gym for every workout. A home gym will save you time and money while helping you feel comfortable and secure in a familiar place.

Go With Workouts That Make You Feel Better

It seems pretty obvious, but it’s easier to do things that you love instead of things that you hate. Exercises that are more strenuous or take the fun out of working out are more difficult to complete because you’ve already decided that you don’t want to do them. This mental block impedes your determination and causes hesitation, which may cause you to quit altogether.

It’s better to perform exercises that will excite you and make you feel a sense of accomplishment when finished. That’s also a great way to find the best training style for you. Strengthening your body is a welcomed physical reward, but that feeling of success will boost your morale and result in a longer-lasting change to your mindset.

It’s always good to remember to use the workout plan you feel comfortable with, not a one-size-fits-all or trending one. Even when working out with others—which is a great way to keep yourself accountable—your training style should still be uniquely catered to you. It is usual for workout plans to overlap in particular aspects, but in the end, you won’t see results if you’re trying to fit into a style that doesn’t suit you.

Make a Plan

Once you’ve found the right exercises, activities, and equipment to go with them, plan out a comprehensive training program that incorporates your style. To start, take the goals you’ve created and decide what milestones you want to set for yourself. It’s good to focus on the grand scheme, but you also need to look at all the steps that will get you to where you need to go.

Going back to the example of 100 push-ups—you could split this into four milestones by starting at twenty-five and then increasing it by the same amount each time. Much like your goal, your milestone will depend on what you wish to achieve and your limitations.

When you construct milestones, make sure to include your equipment in your calculations. In weight training, you’ll continue to lift heavier weights as you train until you reach a goal weight that you can bench. Or, if you’re trying to improve your cardio health by running on a treadmill, you’ll incrementally increase the speed at which the belt moves until you can run faster.

And, of course, you need to make sure that everything you do within this plan is enjoyable and doesn’t add undue stress to a stress-relieving activity. Your training style starts with you, and only you can make that style work, so be sure to focus on activities that will motivate you.

As long as you try your best and push yourself to reach your goals, you have no actual limits in your workout plan. Exercising is a great hobby that will help you live a physically and mentally healthier life.

Visualizing your goals, utilizing different equipment, attempting various physical activities will give you an idea of your optimal training style. There is a training type for everyone, but you will need to take the time and effort to work out the details. And if you’re looking for exercise equipment in Sterling Heights, MI, check out American Home Fitness. We have a variety of home gym machines and gear to fit any fitness style.

How To Find the Best Training Style for You