How To Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Whether you are healing from a past muscle injury or want to prevent damage after an intense workout, being mindful of muscle recovery is crucial to your body’s overall health. To learn more about how to heal old injuries and prevent new ones, read our blog on how to speed up muscle recovery.


Drinking ample amounts of fluids and water helps to speed up your immediate muscle recovery. Without hydration, you are starving your muscles of nutrients and minerals necessary to start healing. Electrolytes are especially vital after intensive workouts to replenish essential nutrients and promote muscle recovery. Electrolytes contain minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium. These nutrients are all used during muscle contraction and are critical to helping your muscles grow, heal, and stay healthy.

Elevate Legs

Do you live a sedentary lifestyle? Whether you are sitting or standing, keeping your legs down the entire day will stunt healthy blood circulation in your legs. Try finding small intervals of time during your day to elevate your legs and improve your circulation. Adding this ritual to your daily schedule will reduce muscle swelling after workouts and speed up muscle recovery.

Stretch With Foam Rollers 

Using a foam roller to stretch and warm up before a workout helps injured muscles circulate more blood to promote healing. Using a foam roller will also help prevent further injuries by better preparing your body for intense workouts. Over time, these stretches will improve your flexibility and increase muscle agility. 

Foam rollers and other stretching fitness equipment are available at any of our fitness equipment stores in Novi, Michigan. This equipment is simple, small, and will make a noticeable difference in your workouts. Consider adding these simple stretches to your workout routine to reacclimate your injured muscles or protect your healthy muscles before intense training sessions. 

Enforce Rest Days

It’s normal to be anxious to return to regular routines after healing from an injury, but taking rest days will help your muscles recover faster. The best medicine for your injured or tired muscles is a good night’s sleep. While slowly reacclimating your body to easy exercises will help promote recovery, assigning one or two days of rest per week will maximize your muscles’ ability to build strength and heal.

For effective muscles to recover, you must supply your body with the nutrients, circulation, and rest it needs. Practicing more mindful muscle recovery steps in your weekly workout will make a significant difference in your overall strength and muscle growth. Here at American Home Fitness, our team provides the latest workout equipment and expertise to offer your muscles the support they need.