How To Stay Motivated for Your Fitness-Related Resolution

As the new year dawns, you’ll come to witness many shifts and changes in others’ behaviors and habits. A fresh period can call for new beginnings in life, with fitness-related goals being one of the top resolutions.

While stating fitness goals is indeed commendable and ambitious, a significant number of people fall into a similar pattern. Many people start the new year strong by obtaining a gym membership, drastically transforming their diet, and purchasing tons of new equipment to lose motivation and lose focus on their intentions.

If you constantly find yourself on the same hamster wheel, fortunately, you can put this frustrating pattern to an end. Here’s how to stay motivated for your fitness-related resolution so you can attain your goals in the upcoming year.

State Your Motives

As they relate to physical health, fitness resolutions tend to dig deeper by encouraging you to reflect on the purpose of your goal. What drives you to push towards this shift in behavior? What motivates you to improve your lifestyle? Pinpointing your motives is the ultimate motivation, especially when your focus is low and you feel like giving up on your objectives.

Another efficient way to state your intentions is to be specific about what you would like to attain with your fitness resolution. Are you looking to run a half marathon or compete in a strength competition?

These are long-term targets that not only identify the purpose of your resolution but help outline a timeframe with smaller milestones you plan to achieve.

Incorporate Small Changes

This essential tip is often the most overlooked element that can make or break a fitness resolution. Most of the time, individuals with the same fitness ambition tend to make many significant changes at once that can overwhelm their bodies and spirits.

While you can undoubtedly incorporate an active physical regimen and change your dietary habits, it’s vital to ensure that you reach these metrics in a healthy method that won’t cause burnout and motivation.

For example, if you’re an avid soda consumer, consider cutting down on the number of cans or cups you drink in a week. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, maybe a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood can introduce you to physical fitness until you’re ready to intensify the regimen.

Note that these shifts won’t happen overnight, and it’s essential to speak to your physician, nutritionist, or fitness trainer to assess proper changes.

Never Lose Sight of Your Goal

If your fitness goal is in your mind, it may help to jot it down on paper, so you always have a physical reminder to hold you accountable.

Whether it be an adhesive note on your fridge or computer, or a picture on your nightstand, prominently writing out your goal ensures that you never lose sight of your intentions and keep focus.

Maintain Accountability

Speaking of accountability, this element is a significant factor in staying true to the objective. Some find it easier and more motivating to work out or go to the gym with a friend to avoid delaying their sessions.

Even if your friends aren’t available to exercise with you, having them check in through call, text, or email once a week is a fantastic way to hold you accountable.

Measure Your Progress

Keeping track motivates you to stay on track! You can measure your progress by staying aware of how many steps you take in a day and strive to achieve more each week.

You can also track your activity, writing down how many times you went to the gym and what you worked out during your session so you can compare later.

Plan for Low-Motivation Periods

Fitness resolutions aren’t always high energy and total motivation; there are periods where you might hit an energy slump and not be in the mood to work out. The key to overcoming those low-energy periods is anticipating when they arrive and having a backup plan to combat it.

Schedule your gym sessions into your calendar so your schedule reflects your goal; find a reliable partner to accompany you during your workout, and remember that the more action you take, the more motivation and sense of accomplishment you’ll feel afterward.

Make It Enjoyable

Fitness resolutions are long-term changes that contribute to healthier, active habits, and rarely do people enjoy tedious lifestyles. There is no reason to punish yourself with physical activity that you dislike when aiming to achieve your goals.

If you don’t care for running, that’s okay! You can opt for swimming, cycling, aerobic dancing, or any other cardio exercise that can help improve endurance and get the blood flowing. You can practice a sport you enjoyed as a kid and even listen to music during your workouts.

Prioritize Health Over Appearance

Unfortunately, some adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle to meet a societal standard of beauty and achieve a specific look that often is unrealistic. It’s essential to realize that your goal caters to your needs and not to anyone else.

Your fitness resolution is a way to improve your life, challenge your abilities, and focus on what you can do to achieve your best self. Keep in mind that impressing others should be at the very bottom of your priority list.

Reward Yourself

During this shift, you’ll come across many milestones and accomplish more than you expect, so don’t be afraid to celebrate those small wins! Remember that treating yourself doesn’t have to occur through food or “prohibited snacks.”

You can reward yourself for your consistent efforts by purchasing new fitness clothing or having a movie outing with a friend.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Keep in mind that you might encounter a few bumps and obstacles along the way with those small wins. The occasional slip isn’t worth obsessing over, nor does it establish your worth. Take your goals one day at a time and do your best throughout.

Resolutions aim to challenge your current mindset and past behaviors to attain an improved version of yourself. However, not knowing how to stay motivated for your fitness-related resolution sets you up for potential failure and wasting resources.

On the bright side, incorporating these quick tips into your regimen can change your perspective to meet your goals for a more feasible fitness approach.

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How To Stay Motivated for Your Fitness-Related Resolution