How To Use a Treadmill for Marathon Training

One of the pinnacles of cardiovascular exercise is a marathon. Marathons are long-distance events requiring you to train for the best chance of finishing in a higher placement. The treadmill is an excellent tool for this. Read on for more information on how to use the treadmill to train for a marathon. 

Parts of a Marathon To Train For

Whether you speed walk or run, a marathon will put your abilities to the test. Marathons are roughly 26.2 miles long, and you’ll need every ounce of strength to complete one with a good time.

You’ll need to focus on different factors in your training. The primary physical elements involved in a marathon include the length of the competition, your speed, and your muscular endurance.


Since you’ll need to run over 26 miles, stamina is a must. You have to prepare your body to maintain a decent pace for that long. You can perform a run-walk combo at certain intervals to ensure you have moments to catch your breath, but these will need to remain brief to not fall behind. Therefore, practice long-distance running to prepare yourself for the length of the marathon and keep up with the competition for the whole 26 miles.


Speed is the distance you cover in a given time, and in a marathon, it will determine how well you progress. Your speed can improve with training in which you try to run a set distance at a goal speed for gradually increasing increments of time. You’ll need tools and equipment for this training, such as a treadmill, to help you improve and maintain your speed over longer distances.

Muscular Endurance

Your leg muscles carry you forward as you run, and your feet roll with the motion. While running is a natural, simple movement for most people, the engaged muscles can experience fatigue over longer periods.

Therefore, muscular endurance is a must in a marathon as you power through and push your stamina to its limits while running or walking. Training your muscles—particularly your legs and core—with weight and endurance will give them the strength to hold out until the end of a marathon.

Ways a Treadmill Will Help You Train

Treadmills are wonderful exercise machines that come with multiple features that will give you the best options for all aspects of marathon training. Buy a treadmill for sale so you can experience the following training benefits these handy pieces of equipment provide.

Has Settings To Improve Speed

Treadmills allow you to control and maintain consistent speeds, as you can set the speed at which the belt moves. Setting the treadmill’s pace helps you improve your speed by forcing you to run at a set rate for however long you decide.

For example, you could set the treadmill to a pace that only requires a brisk walk, but you could keep this pace consistent for 12 miles. This will prepare your body for long-distance movement. Once your body is used to long-distance movement, you can use the speed settings to train for higher speeds. You could increase the pace from one that requires a brisk walk to one that requires a moderate jog and attempt the distance at that increased speed.

Treadmills also feature timers and distance trackers that help you quantify your pace. If your treadmill tells you that you have run a mile and that nine minutes have elapsed, then you know the speed you set made you run a nine-minute mile. Keep increasing the speed throughout your training until you reach your goal speed.

Improves Cardiovascular Performance

The muscles surrounding the lungs strengthen as you breathe deeply and more frequently. A treadmill will improve your cardiovascular endurance by getting these muscles used to the feeling of a long run that requires need more oxygen. And because treadmills force you to maintain a steady pace, your lungs will have an easier time adapting to the training. With a treadmill, you can gradually increase the intensity of your runs to ensure your lungs can keep up.

Strengthens Leg Muscles

Running is the best way to improve your leg muscles for a marathon, and a treadmill allows you to do this with various techniques. Treadmills have special features that can increase the difficulty of running, forcing your muscles to adapt.

Other than the already-discussed speed settings, some treadmills have incline settings that simulate running uphill, causing you to run harder and activate your muscles more.

Use the treadmill to strengthen your leg muscles by running at a high intensity for short durations at first. Later, increase the incline to build your legs up to the challenge of the long-distance run. Your muscles will grow stronger from the added effort and become familiar with high-energy output.

Tests Endurance

As mentioned, endurance is essential to a marathon. A treadmill will help you boost your endurance by helping your body grow accustomed to running for an extended time and strengthening your cardiovascular system.

The longer you run on the treadmill, the more endurance you’ll have. While you can also increase endurance by running outside, a treadmill provides an obstacle-free path and steady pacing that help you focus purely on the exercise. When you’re focused, you can run better for longer.

Helps With Weight Loss

Although you don’t need to lose weight to run in a marathon, it helps to have a lighter body and toned legs to move faster and with better efficiency. Long-distance running isn’t easy on the body, and you will feel more tired if your body doesn’t have the preparation for the stress the run will place on it. Train with the treadmill to burn fat and prepare your body for the exertion you place on it during your 26-mile trek.

To help, modern treadmills have built-in computer technology that lets us visualize the benefits of our exercise. The treadmill’s ability to track calories burned can encourage weight-loss efforts and give you a better chance of ranking highly in the competition.

Training for a marathon is essential to ensure you don’t struggle throughout the event. Using a treadmill for marathon training will give you the best results and ensure you have the best chance of crossing the finish line with a good time.

How To Use a Treadmill for Marathon Training