Rowing Machine Workouts for Fat Loss & Strength

There are numerous ways to lose weight and build strength; one of the most effective ways is with a rowing machine. Rowing machines have features that will help you shed fat and replace it with muscle for your desired ideal fitness level. Read on to learn rowing machine workouts for fat loss and strength, and help yourself get into great shape with excellent workout equipment.

Pyramid Workouts

Pyramid workouts are a great type of workout to train your body to work out at different intensity levels. These workouts involve performing a certain number of reps at different intensities and decreasing the number of reps in each set while increasing the intensity.

Use these workouts as a helpful rowing machine exercise for fat loss and strength as you burn more calories with each set and increase the effort to row. Speed up your movements and change the resistance on the flywheel to increase the intensity and gain more strength from the set. Buy a rowing machine with multiple settings for resistance to give you the freedom to change the way you row and create variations of pyramid workouts with higher or lower intensity.

Single Leg Rowing

A one-legged row focuses more on one leg and will build more strength from the increased effort. Keep the number of reps for each leg balanced to avoid overstraining yourself, and start with a resistance setting that is similar to or slightly below what you would usually use for both legs. The isolated exercise will also cause you to burn fat from the increased strain on one particular body part.

Alternating Slow and Fast Row

Alternating between slow and fast sets of rowing will help your muscles grow while helping you burn more fat. Slower movements are helpful for building strength as you use more energy and tear more muscle from the stress of the blood focused on a muscle for an extended period. Flexing a muscle will cause fibers to tear and build your strength.

Moving faster while rowing will help you burn more calories and fat as you push the limits of your stamina and use the nutrients stored in the body to keep up the pace. Slow and fast rowing have their benefits, and using both will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Rowing machines improve your body, and you’ll see more benefits when you try different workouts with them. Use these exercises to build your strength and burn fat to achieve the physical condition you’ve worked hard for.