Rowing on Leg Day: Why Rowing Is a Great Leg Workout

It’s important to have the best leg day workout to tone the muscles in your lower body. But you may want to incorporate some workouts for a more efficient session. Rowing has numerous benefits, including strengthening and toning your leg muscles with each rep, and you’ll have a better session during leg day by including it in your regimen. Read on to learn why rowing is a great leg workout on leg day, and feel the burn in your thighs with this valuable machine.

A Full-Body Workout With Every Row

As you row, you’ll use muscles throughout your body to push away from the machine and pull the cord in one fluid motion. This action requires multiple muscles to move in tandem with each other and will improve them simultaneously.

Your leg muscles are one of the primary muscle groups used during rowing, and you’ll feel the effort of each muscle with every rep. Full-body exercises will target numerous muscle groups, making rowing an excellent choice in multiple types of training, including your workout sessions on leg day.

A Machine for Muscle Toning

Rowing requires control for a fluid movement in each rep, and these controlled movements will help you tone your muscles. Resistance training is a great way to improve muscular endurance and tone your body.

The resistance from the rowing machine will help you define your leg muscles, and the aerobic aspect of the exercise will help you reduce fat and stay lean. Your legs will look more trim and muscular after each rowing workout on leg day.

Adjustable Resistance for Intense Workouts

One of the best features of a rowing machine is the adjustable resistance. The flywheel that spins as you pull the cord with each row has a metal plate that it disconnects from. By adjusting the distance between the plate and the flywheel, you’ll feel more resistance as you push away with your legs.

The increased resistance is why rowing is a great leg day workout and helps you plan how to improve your leg day workout with rowing. Use staggered resistance training on leg days by increasing the machine’s resistance for each set and decreasing it once you’ve reached a certain level.

A Great Workout To Change Up Your Routine

Eventually, you may want to change your leg day routine with an exercise that uses more than your legs. Rowing is a great leg workout for a change in your leg day routine.

Most leg day workouts will focus solely on the thighs, calves, quads, and hamstrings, but rowing will focus on the leg muscles, arms, and core for a full-body workout. Use this exercise for a change of pace in your typical routine, and shock your leg muscles as you incorporate something new.

The exercises for leg day need to be impactful since they will happen weekly. Row on this day for your focused group of muscles and grow stronger. For more comfort, use a home rowing machine for an optimized experience working out and getting your legs in the best shape possible.