Rowing vs. Running: Which Is Better for Weight Loss

The exercises we perform determine how much we improve physically and how much weight we lose. Endurance exercises such as running and rowing yield great results due to their intensity and engagement of the entire body. However, one of these options is better suited for people who wish to lose weight.

Running and Weight Loss

Many people run to boost their stamina while burning calories. Running is a great way to train your body for endurance, strengthen your legs, and improve your breathing during physical activity. You burn more calories while performing cardio workouts, and running is a great method for weight loss.

Focusing your body's energy on propelling yourself forward will help you burn calories. Running is a high-intensity exercise that requires a lot of stamina to maintain a quality speed that will activate your metabolism. Many people who run or jog will lose weight after consistently pursuing this exercise.

Rowing and Weight Loss

Using a home rower machine involves a lot of repetitive movement for particular muscles in your body. You can even reap the benefits of this exercise from the comfort of your own house; a home rower machine provides a strenuous workout for your legs and upper body. Rowing requires precision from different body parts and a significant amount of energy.

And although this exercise requires a lot of energy from the body, which leads to burning calories, rowing is better suited for building muscle. Weight exercises encourage a higher metabolism but won't burn an efficient amount of calories compared to the muscle they create.

Which Is the Better Option?

Between running and rowing, running is the better option for weight loss. The act of running involves constant activity in the body that creates a continuous process of burning calories and metabolizing nutrients. In contrast, rowing involves short bursts of energy from the muscles that will improve muscular endurance but won't yield the best results for weight loss. Running is a higher-intensity exercise because it puts the body through more work than rowing.

Rowing and running are both great ways to lose weight, but running will lead to greater weight loss. If you want to lose weight, run for a mile or jog around the block to start your journey toward burning calories.