Signs You Need to Switch up Your Workout Routine

Whether in or out of the gym, everyone has a workout routine that caters to their needs and physical fitness abilities. For those unfamiliar, routines and programs provide structure and direction, so you’re giving the proper amount of exercise to all muscle groups without sacrificing balance. You’re also in tune with what you need to train, so you don’t lose yourself within your routine. As for the more experienced person, there comes a time where even the most well-structured training becomes dull, and you’ll note signs you need to switch up your workout routine.

You’ve Hit an Improvement Wall

Unless you’re maintaining gains or weight loss, your workouts should almost always produce results. After the first week of familiarizing yourself with your routine, the rest of your program should focus on progress, whether more energy, stronger lifts, muscle definition, or faster pace.

Suppose you’ve worked at a program for eight to twelve weeks and have yet to notice any changes. In that case, you might want to consider introducing changes to your routine. You can increase or decrease the intensity of your exercise but not before consulting a physician and personal trainer.

Routines Are Feeling Easy

Workouts test your physical and mental strength; however, you shouldn’t make them overly complicated or too easy. There is a difference between going through the motions and putting maximum effort into your routine to feel the burn.

You can increase the intensity of a session by performing a movement for more sets and reps or by increasing the weights if you’re strength training.

Motivation Is Non-Existent

If you find your motivation slipping down the drain, you might want to look at your exercise regimen. Seeing a pattern in routines prompts you to know what to expect and while performing the same movements allows for the opportunity to get better, you might find yourself in need of changing things up to keep it fun.

You also don’t want to have a routine that’s so challenging that you struggle to keep up with movements. Having difficulty throughout your workout can lead to early fatigue, burnout, and incomplete training sessions. Incomplete sessions can discourage you from completing future exercises, so remember to keep it light and at the right intensity.

You’re Bored

One of the most dreaded things in the fitness world is to grow bored of exercise. Have no fear because it happens more times than you think. When you notice your regimen getting stale and find yourself avoiding activity, it could signify that it’s time to add some excitement.

You can try adding variations of movements you’ve tried before or take on a new class that introduces you to a new activity. You can take up a swimming class or engage in a sport such as basketball or volleyball. You know what they say, any form of physical activity is better than no activity.

You’re Only Training One Way

While it’s okay to focus on training one way, you could explore other elements of fitness to supplement your routine. While strength training is exciting, if it’s your only avenue of physical activity, it’s time to take up something new.

You can introduce some cardio into your workout routine by adding a two-mile run twice a week to work on improving endurance. If running isn’t your speed, you can try taking an aerobic dancing class once a week; it’s fun, different, and keeps you in motion during those days where you’re not feeling the weights.

You Start to Notice Imbalances

Workout routines work in the form of promoting overall strength, improved endurance, and balance. You’ll soon note imbalances if you neglect critical areas of the body. For example, if you start to notice that your shoulders are rounding while in a normal posture, that could signal you’re overtraining your chest and anterior muscles.

On the upside, you can balance out the gains by working your upper back muscles to help pull those shoulders back. You can do so by incorporating deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, and rear delt flyes into your routine.

You’re Either Always Sore in the Same Area or Never Sore

Working the same muscle groups daily without allowing them enough rest time is overtraining. Overtraining can lead to excessive soreness, which, in turn, can promote injury. Proper programming enables you to maintain fitness in all muscle groups, so your body is well-rounded. Incorporating sessions of lesser intensities gives your muscles a break.

On the other hand, never feeling sore after a workout isn’t optimal either. Soreness, especially after a new movement or activity, is a sign that your muscles are engaging and working through this new movement, allowing them the opportunity to adapt and grow.

Recurring Injuries Are More Common

Getting injured is the furthest thing from fun, especially if it’s frequently happening. Keep in mind that a workout routine pushes your limits without risking injury; your muscles need time to recover, especially if you’re working through a high-intensity program.

If you experience more aches, pains, and sprains, that’s your body’s way of letting you know to bring things down a notch. Before starting a workout program, remember to consult a physician, physical therapist, and personal trainer to assess what movements are best for you and your abilities.

Your Goals Are No Longer the Same

The more active you are, the more your goals will change. For example, you might have started your fitness journey to improve your endurance and lose fat, but once you met those expectations, you’ll want to focus on new fitness areas.

To clarify, take strength training. The regimen is vastly different from any running program as it focuses on building muscle instead of improving endurance and stamina. If you’re interested in building strength, you’ll want to tailor your routine to one that incorporates the use of weights.

It’s normal to notice signs you need to switch up your workout routine. Fitness nourishes you physically and mentally, and if your training is dull, you could have difficulty staying motivated and focused on your improvement.

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Signs You Need to Switch up Your Workout Routine