The Best Low-Impact Workouts for Summer

Low-impact workouts exercise muscles to build strength without adding excessive stress to stiff or tender muscles and joints. These workouts are easy to adapt to daily routines, lower your blood pressure, and improve flexibility over time. To learn more about implementing these exercises into your summer schedule, read our blog on the best low-impact workouts for the summer.


If daily walks around the neighborhood have lost their appeal, weekly hikes are an ideal-low impact substitute. Hiking is a highly versatile low-impact workout because you can choose different trails with different levels of elevation and distance. While running stresses knee joints, hiking works several of your leg muscles with less likelihood of injuries.

If you prefer to add resistance training into your low-impact workouts, weight backpacks or ankle weights can be added to your hiking gear for an added challenge. Hiking will build strength, increase flexibility, and preserve the health of your knees and joints. This low-impact workout will also increase your stamina over time and challenge you to perform better during each of your summer workout routines.


Swimming is one of the best low-impact workouts for the summer. Swimming is optimal for those searching for a full-body workout without added stress on joints. In fact, it’s most commonly used for physical therapy due to its effective ability to build strength and flexibility without risking injuries to recovering muscles. Swimming is also a great summer workout for keeping cool during exercise to avoid dangerous overheating or fainting.


The best workouts are workouts that simultaneously provide distractions. Cycling during summer is an opportunity to target leg muscles, avoid joint pain, and distract yourself with scenic views. Advanced technology has made customized cycling equipment to provide the safest low-impact workouts that also build strength.

Equipment such as EllitiGo bikes offer revolutionary designs in outdoor cycling and are ideal for effective cardio workouts. Cycling also helps to build stamina, detox the body through sweat release, and support leg muscles for more efficient muscle recovery.

These simple, low-impact workouts can challenge your body without the risk of pain muscles or joints. You don’t have to worry about further damaging any injuries, either. These workouts are also highly accessible and easy to fit into your daily schedule—even on top of work, classes, and social events, you’ll always find time for one.

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