The Major Benefits of Resistance Training

When incorporating new fitness activities into your routine, you should always ask yourself whether it aligns with your current goals. However, consider the added benefits of doing something new, such as resistance training. Resistance training is any form of physical activity that promotes muscle contraction against external resistance to increase strength, power, or endurance. It can also aid in muscle hypertrophy. In other words, resistance training works the muscles consistently against external force to help you get stronger. There are many major benefits of resistance training; however, we'll touch on just a few in this article to get you started.

Improved Muscle Strength and Tone

Resistance training improves muscle strength by exposing muscle groups against an opposing force or weight. The sets and repetitions allow the muscle to go under stress—the good kind of stress, of course—that causes microscopic tears. These tiny tears then repair themselves to promote muscle regeneration and make your body stronger.

Prevention or Control of Chronic Conditions

Resistance training also alleviates some chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, and back pain. Regular exercise can aid in faster sugar breakdown and removal to increase insulin sensitivity, decrease your bad cholesterol, and increase the good cholesterol.

Pain Management

Resistance training can improve musculature around your joints to support bone and cartilage. This training can provide pain relief and decrease joint stiffness.

Improved Posture

Resistance training can help keep bones and joints in correct alignment to ensure proper usage of all muscles. This kind of training also decreases the stress placed on the ligaments that support your spine.

Increased Bone Density

Muscle mass starts to decline after you turn thirty and can contribute to significant weakness and less mobility. Less mobility can increase the risk of falls and fractures; however, you can increase mineral bone density with regular resistance training.

Better Sleep and Prevention of Insomnia

Any form of resistance training or strength-building exercise can help improve your sleep quality by creating the molecule adenosine responsible for causing drowsiness.

There are many major benefits of resistance training, and the different forms to get you started can all promote muscle strength. Before starting any new fitness program, remember to consult your doctor, physical therapist, or other licensed professional.

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