Tips for Choosing a Rowing Machine

Buying home gym equipment is an excellent step toward leading a healthier lifestyle. One popular piece is the rowing machine. It can be a wonderful investment for your home gym set-up. However, with the many models on the market, there are a few details you should consider before you start looking to buy one. For some tips for choosing a rowing machine, read below.

Check the Rowing Action

There are several types of rowing machines. Each machine’s quality of action will differ because of the variances in its designs. While hydraulic rowing machines have the benefit of being smaller and inexpensive, their technique doesn’t allow you to pull in a straight line, which can hinder proper form. Air or flywheel rowing machines provide a smoother, more natural, and continuous rowing stroke. Magnetic resistance indoor rowers also have a smooth stroke, which comes from their magnetic brake system. The water rower machine has the most natural rowing action as its design replicates the act of real outdoor rowing.

Budget for Models You Like

One of the primary tips for choosing a rowing machine is to consider your budget. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should just go with the cheapest model. Hydraulic machines, as we mentioned, are cheaper, but there is the quality of the action to consider. Also, if you’re going to invest a large amount of money in a row machine, you might as well get one that will last you for years to come. If you want a quality machine but don’t want to break your bank account, a magnetic model may be a good option. It really depends on what you can afford.

Measure for Your Space

You’ll also need to measure the space you have for the machine before you start looking at different models. You don’t want to end up buying one that’s too big, and you also don’t want to waste money on a smaller, lower-quality model when you had enough space for a much nicer one. Make sure to take accurate measurements of your available space first. Then, when you’re shopping, you can measure the machines you’re considering and make an informed decision on which ones will work.

Consider the Noise

Each type of rowing machine has a varying noise level. The flywheel and hydraulic rowing machines have more friction in their breaks, which makes them louder. The water rower and magnetic rowing machine have smother resistance, which means they’re very quiet. Consider where you live. If you’re in a shared space with other people or a small apartment, you might be better off with a quieter model.

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