Tips for Setting Fitness Goals This Year

New Year’s workout goals can be wonderful for your health—if you stick to them. People often make these plans but find ways to easily fall out of the routine and lose their motivation. There are some helpful ways, though, that you can refer back to in order to stay on track to meet your end goal. For some tips for setting fitness goals this year, read below

Break Your Goals Down Into Parts

When you’re setting workout goals for the new year, try to keep them within reason. It’s common for people to set New Year’s workout goals only to drift away from them completely within just a few months. Many times this happens because their goal was too big. If you’re looking to gain 40 pounds of muscle or lose 50 pounds of fat, they can look intimidating and endless which makes a person lose belief in themselves. Break goals like these down to smaller parts. Aim to lose a pound a week or 5 pounds in a month.

Keep Your Goals Measurable

Another way to help you stay on track with a new workout goal is to make the goal specific and measurable. A great example of this is a performance goal. If you have a specific goal like being able to work up from bench 70 pounds to 90 pounds in a month or being able to run a 5k in under 25 minutes, you have a specific target. This will allow you to form a specific, tangible plan. When you have something that specific and measurable, you’ll know exactly what needs to be included in your training plan.

Have Realistic Goals

This is one of our most important tips for setting fitness goals this year. Many people love to dream big. There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and aspirations, as long as they’re something you can realistically work towards. Creating a goal that is unrealistic leads to the realization you’ll never obtain it, which causes people to give up. Talk your goals over with a trainer. They will help assess what you really need and are likely to obtain through your dedication.

Set a Time Limit To Meet the Goal

If you have no deadline to meet your achievement, what incentive are you really giving yourself? With no time limit, you have too much of an opportunity to take a break, which eventually leads to slacking off. Consider techniques like setting a large goal with a time limit of one year. You can then use the breakdown method mentioned above to help guide you through it.

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