What Are the Different Types of Exercise Bikes?

The fitness world has many devices and machines to help us get a good workout. The exercise bike is one of the most popular machines and has some variations. Knowing what the different types of exercise bikes are will help you find better ways to achieve your fitness goals and improve your workout.


Most forms of bike riding involve leaning forward as you ride. But on an upright exercise bike, the bike's structure causes you to sit upright as you pedal. The upright bike will benefit your back and provide better posture, and even if you feel sore from sitting up too long, doing so will become a habit and build your back muscles.

Leaning forward can strain your back and cause it to curve inward as you grow tired. The upright bike allows you to sit or stand as you petal since your back is already straight. However, you won't have the same feeling of riding a bike, and you won't have the same muscle strain that you get from good pedaling with a standard exercise bike.

Dual Action

A dual-action bike has many features that combine the posture improvement of the upright exercise bike with the potential of a full-body workout. The dual-action bike is similar to an upright one in its seating position, which makes the rider sit up straight. But it has an additional feature—the handlebars move forward and backward like an elliptical.

The moving bars allow for a great arm workout. Coupling the arm and leg movements can help a person work out their core, creating a full-body workout. The bars can lock if a person only wants to ride the bike normally, and there’s a fan where the front wheel on a normal bike would be that blows cool air on the rider with every pedal.


This type of exercise bike is great for individuals starting to ride exercise bikes. The seat has a back that allows you to lean backward as you pedal. The recumbent bike is longer than other exercise bikes because it causes your body to stretch out more.

Pedaling on a recumbent bike is different, with most of the work coming from your legs instead of other areas of the body. This bike is the best option if you only want to focus on your leg muscles. But if you wish to increase the work you put into your bike riding, other bikes may be better for you.

You have the chance to gain lots of health benefits from bike riding. The different types of exercise bikes will help you improve your various muscles depending on your choice. So as you shop for exercise bikes, use this guide to help you find the one that suits you best.