Those who experience knee pain know that they might be fine one moment, and in excruciating pain the next. Sometimes the slightest move can make pain radiate down the leg, causing debilitating conditions. Unfortunately, knee pain can result in weight gain due to inactivity, which ultimately makes the pain in the knee even worse. Patients who experience mild to moderate knee pain, with the advice of their physician, can still maintain a certain level of activity with the right workout equipment.

Those wishing to stay active while experiencing pain in the knee should consider fitness options with very little impact. Even taking a walk outside can cause knee pain to worsen, so patients should find activities with less impact. 

People with knee pain generally find that they can walk with less discomfort using a treadmill than they can while walking outside. Treadmills absorb some of the impact of each step, providing relief to the person exercising. 

Elliptical machines allow for more of a full body workout and incorporate both arm and leg movement. These machines result in very little impact, because the leg is somewhat stationary. Sometimes people shy away from elliptical machines if they are novices to the gym. In reality, elliptical machines are quite easy to use, and many people report that they actually enjoy them. 

Stationary bicycles are other options to consider when looking to increase physical activity while enduring knee pain. Traditional stationary bikes are one option, while recumbent bikes are another. Depending on the knee injury, one type of exercise bicycle might work better than the next. 

If you are experiencing persistent knee pain, but want to remain active, discuss your options with your physician and or physical therapist. Upon receiving clearance from the doctor, you can find the best workout equipment for staying healthy and keeping your knees pain-free when you shop with American Home Fitness. Contact us today!