Everything You Need to Know About Full-Body Workouts

When introducing exercises into your routine, chances are you’re tackling neighboring muscle groups on a specific day and continue to work throughout the body as the week moves along. For example, you might schedule a chest and back day one day, followed by a leg and glutes the next day. While this is a highly efficient way of moving the body and working those muscles, there’s always room to switch things up.

For those days where you want to increase the intensity of your program or routine, full bodywork can be the answer. Here’s everything you need to know about full-body workouts and how they can benefit your fitness.

A Full-Body Workout Will Incorporate Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core Muscles

Full-body training targets a wide area of muscles to promote higher energy expenditure and calorie burn while aiding muscle growth.

Full-Body Workouts Can Help You Avoid Plateaus

A workout routine can sometimes call for a slight change here and there, especially in the middle of a slump or plateau. If this is your first entire body session, expect the workout to feel invigorating as your body “switches on.”

Full-Body Sessions Are Ideal for Home Workouts

For those who enjoy exercising at home, full-body workouts can take advantage of limited equipment while still helping you feel the burn. The number of exercises one can perform with a set of dumbbells and resistance bands is incredible, and you can still have a great session.

Full-Body Sessions Maximize Training Efficiency

Full-body workouts are good options to try when pressed for time. By focusing on compound exercises, you target multiple muscle groups at one time to fire up those areas quicker.

Full-Body Workouts Can Aid in Quicker Recovery

When exercising the body, always remember to prioritize those rest days. Neglecting rest days in between workouts can be detrimental to progress. Fortunately, full-body activities target everything from shoulders to toes to enforce needed recovery days.

While this is a condensed version of everything you need to know about full-body workouts, you should always do further research and consult a fitness professional or physician before conducting an activity.

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