The Ultimate Guide To Lifting Smarter, Not Harder

When you work hard at the gym, it can be incredibly frustrating not to see the results you want. One of the most common reasons people have trouble seeing lifting results is that they're straining their bodies without proactively planning out workouts. In this blog, we'll share our ultimate guide to lifting smarter, not harder, so you can achieve results without overexerting your body.

Form Matters

One of the most important keys in our ultimate guide to lifting smarter, not harder, is to pay attention to your form during exercises. Many people spend hours lifting weights at the gym without realizing they're not positioning themselves in the proper form. 

When your body is not set correctly for a workout, key muscles are not being targeted. Even if you perform the same lifting routine repeatedly, your muscles will not increase in mass. 

How To Execute Correct Form During Exercises

  • Look up the form for new exercises before trying them.
  • Ask whether your muscles can feel an exercise.
  • Check the position of your neck and back to prevent injury.
  • Ask a gym partner to review your form before starting an exercise.

Mix Up Your Lifting Routine

There's nothing more frustrating than visiting the gym every day, exerting yourself to a challenging routine, and not seeing results. However, many do not realize that consistency is often why they no longer see results from the gym.

Often, it does not matter how hard you work if you're constantly executing the same exercises over and over. While you may be working hard, and these workouts could have been successful at one point, your muscles will hit a plateau.

To keep your muscles challenged, it is more beneficial to switch up your lifting routine. Adding new workouts will help your body push past plateaus and get your gains back on track.

Watch What You Eat Before Workouts

If you've been overdoing it at the gym, there's a chance you're not giving your body the fuel it needs to perform during training. Without the proper nutrients, your body will reach exhaustion much faster than those who eat thoughtful meals during the day to keep their muscles energized.

Instead of spending hours at the gym trying to build muscle, examine your nutrition and ensure you're eating enough proteins and gains to support your exercise. With this consideration, your diet will be healthier, and your training will be less strenuous.

Overexerting yourself during exercise can lead to gym burnout and injury. Avoid these disasters by reviewing our guide to working smarter, not harder.

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