What To Consider When Buying an Elliptical

Ellipticals are a great option for a state-of-the-art workout machine that’ll give you a quality cardio workout. With an elliptical, you’ll get a workout combining elements of running, stair-climbing, and cross-country skiing while eliminating the risk of impact on your joints. If you’re going to make the investment on a home elliptical machine, you should be aware of several details before you make a purchase. Learn what to consider when buying an elliptical by reading below.

Consider What Your Goals Are

Before your buying any piece of workout equipment, especially something that’s going to be very costly, consider what your goals will be. Are you looking to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscle? Maybe you’re already fairly fit and want a frequent way to get in a good cardio workout. (Also, consider the goals of others who may use it if you have a family.) One of the major benefits of an elliptical’s design is the cardio it provides similar to running, while being low impact. This is great for those who’re runners trying to better protect their ankles and knees from wear and tear. If you’re in the older age bracket or have family members that are, an elliptical provides a good amount of activity while decreasing stress on the body.

Do Online Research

Before choosing the model of elliptical you prefer, do some research on the different brands and models so you can narrow down which type would work best for your needs. Start by looking into the top-rated brands on the market. Visit each brand’s website. Many websites and online resources have consumer feedback and comment sections. Read through some of these and see what other buyers have had to say to say about the ellipticals. Pay close attention to the demographic that each model is aimed at. There are models with more enhanced features than others. For instance, you can get ellipticals that include Bluetooth capabilities, so you can connect to your phone and use fitness apps. It all depends what you prefer and how much you’re willing to spend.

Search Where To Purchase the Equipment

The next part of what to consider when buying an elliptical is where to purchase the model you want. Researching different brands and models online should make it easier to narrow down a few choices. Many can be purchased directly from the manufacturers online, but it also doesn’t hurt to look into other retailers. You can go to retail stores in your area. It may also be wise to look at other online retailers because they’ll be more likely to have discounts or sales on this kind of equipment. Another detail to consider when choosing where you’re going to buy an elliptical from is services that may be included. When you buy one online, it will be cheaper, but you’ll need to know exactly what model you want and you’ll have to assemble it on your own. On the other hand, going to a store gives you the benefit of getting to talk to an employee who’ll know what machine will be best for your needs. This makes the task of researching machine models less stressful, making you feel more sure about what you’re buying.

Test Out Equipment

It’s going to be very important to make sure you test the equipment before you make your purchase. One might feel a bit different than the other to you. Commercial products are often sold by the top brands. This means you’ll usually be able to find them at multiple retailers. If you’re buying one from a store, it’ll be easy to test it out as a customer service representative helps you pick out a model. If you choose to order one online, you’re wise to find the same model in a nearby store so you can test it and make sure it has the quality and feel you’re looking for. You’ll also need to test it long enough to get the real experience of working out on it. Try using it a bit longer than five minutes and make sure to test out all the different settings and programs it has available. When you’re operating the elliptical under these kinds of settings, it’ll be easier to feel out the quality and comfort.

Look for Specific Features

An elliptical is an expensive machine, so you want to get a model that gives you as much quality usage as possible for your investment. No matter the model of elliptical and brand you’ve chosen, there are several specific features you should make sure it has.

  • Adjustable Incline—This feature gives you the cross training benefits an elliptical should have. Having a good adjustable incline is necessary for working the different muscle groups and giving you a variety of resistance.
  • Smooth Motion—One of the greatest benefits you can get from an elliptical is its smooth motion which is designed to eliminate any impact on your joints. The best quality models should have this without the kick or bounce some lesser models have when taking your foot off the platform. It needs to have a truly smooth elliptical pattern while moving forwards and backwards.
  • Included Upper Body Motion—The inclusion of upper body levers allow you to give your arms, shoulders, and torso the ability to work and strengthen while working your legs.
  • Adjustable Resistance—You can also control the resistance in the motion through electronic controls, so you incorporate interval training sessions.
  • Forward and Reverse Motions—The model you choose should have the ability to go forwards and backwards. This will give you more variety and challenges for your body.

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What To Consider When Buying an Elliptical